5 Key Benefits of Horton Automatic Door Systems for Modern Buildings

Horton Automatic Door Systems: Pioneers in Accessibility

At the vanguard of automated entry solutions, Horton Automatic Door Systems embody innovation, reliability, and exemplary service. These systems are crafted to address the evolving demands of various sectors with an eye for design sophistication and performance excellence.

Reinventing Entryways with Horton

From its inception, Horton Automatic Door Systems have been reshaping building access with a commitment to ongoing advancement and technological prowess. The brand’s lineage is marked by enduring products known for their robustness and operational effectiveness.

Technological Excellence

Embracing sensor technology, hands-free operation, and cutting-edge safety features, Horton stands as the go-to for organizations emphasizing public well-being and cleanliness—a sentiment echoed globally.

Commitment to Green Practices

Horton prides itself on producing energy-efficient door systems, which play a role in decreasing the ecological impact of the structures they grace, aligning with stringent environmental protocols.

Tailoring Doors to Your Style

Recognizing varying needs, Horton delivers bespoke door solutions that integrate seamlessly with any architectural vision, be it minimalist glass or sturdy metal, enhancing building aesthetics.

Diverse Horton Automatic Door Systems

The breadth of Horton’s offerings reflects unmatched versatility within the automated door landscape.

Fluid Sliding Doors

Horton’s sliding doors boast an effortless glide, perfect for bustling locations, and come in singles, doubles, or telescopic styles to optimize space.

Swing Door Efficiency

The swing door operators from Horton are engineered to move even the heaviest of doors, accommodating various user needs, including those with mobility challenges.

Captivating Revolving Doors

Horton’s revolving doors merge visual appeal with practicality, serving as a barrier to maintain indoor climate, thereby conserving energy.

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Compact Folding Doors

For areas where space is at a premium, Horton’s folding doors offer the convenience of automation without requiring large clearances.

Horton’s Span Across Industries

With applications across diverse fields, Horton’s doors meet specific criteria for safety, efficiency, and style.

Doors for Healthcare

Horton’s designs are crucial in medical settings, ensuring swift, hygienic access is always within reach.

Commercial Appeal

In commercial spaces, Horton doors blend security with aesthetic charm, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Transit Reliability

Airports and transit centers rely on Horton’s durable doors for uninterrupted passenger movement.

Enhancing Hospitality

The hospitality realm benefits from Horton’s seamless door integration which copes with continuous foot traffic.

Support and Maintenance of Horton Doors

Dedicated to sustained peak performance, Horton offers extensive support and preventive maintenance programs.

Care Plans for Continuity

Maintenance plans are tailored to ensure Horton doors consistently operate efficiently, minimizing downtime.

24/7 Emergency Response

Understanding the pivotal role of automatic doors, Horton’s emergency services are ready anytime unexpected issues arise.

Horton Automatic Door Systems

Selecting Horton’s Expertise

Opting for Horton Automatic Door Systems translates to embracing a fusion of state-of-the-art technology, resilient materials, and flexible design.

Expert Consultations

Horton’s specialists provide in-depth consultations to curate door solutions that meet your site’s specific needs, ensuring optimal functionality.

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Assured Quality and Warranty

Horton’s robust warranty and quality promise mark a prudent investment for enhancing access, security, and energy conservation.


Horton Automatic Door Systems are gateways that redefine smarter, safer, and more ecologically considerate structures. Adopting Horton translates to a commitment to top-tier performance, design appeal, and an elevated user experience.

The Horton Automatic Door Systems offer innovative and energy-efficient solutions for smarter, safer, and more sustainable buildings.
Horton Automatic Door Systems

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